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Mark & Tracy

Mark, a designer & manufacturer of motorcycle parts with a talent for making things go fast, purchased the property in 2006. His plan was to build a small farmhouse and raise a few feeder steers. He wanted to live a simpler life, working on new designs from a scaled down shop at the farm.   Over the next few years his passion for designing and building moved things in a new direction. Plans for the house changed and buildings were added.  "A few feeder steers" turned into a breeding stock. For years, he continued to work full time at his business, Crossroads Performance, and spent his "free time" farming, driving between the two daily, working on motorcycles and making parts during the weekdays, farming and building on nights and weekends. 


During this time he met Tracy, a city girl and yoga instructor.  Before long, he was giving her a tour of the farm he was so proud of and introducing her and her son to country life. She fell in love with the farm and the lifestyle as much as she had with him. She took to country living, learned to grow a garden, forage for and preserve food, cook on a wood stove, and to care for a flock of chickens.

In 2019 Mark's dad and step-mom moved in, adding their own Amish built log cabin to the property. Mark continues to design and manufacture motorcycle parts, and builds motorcycles when he's not doing farm chores. Tracy is a senior manager for Green Lotus Yoga & Healing Centers and manages the farm vacation rentals and events. 

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