Mark & Tracy

Mark, a designer & manufacturer of motorcycle parts with a special talent for making things go fast, purchased the property in 2006. His original intention was to sell his manufacturing business, live a simpler life, build a small farmhouse, and raise a few feeder steers while working on new designs from a scaled down shop at the farm.   Over the next few years his passion for building things moved him in a new direction. Plans for the house changed and outbuildings were added.  "A few feeder steers" turned into a bull and a few breeders. The business was being leased-to-own but the lessee was not up to the task of running it.  In 2012 Mark got it back, a shell of it's former structure.  He put everything he had into keeping his life's work alive.  He drove back to the shop in Somerset daily, working on motorcycles and making parts during the weekdays, farming and continuing to work on the house and property nights and weekends. During this time he met Tracy, a yoga instructor.  Soon, he was giving her a tour of the farm he was so proud of. She fell in love with the farm and the cows as much as she had with him.  As they stood on the front porch of the house, looking up at the big, open hayloft he said to her, "I bet that would make a nice yoga studio."

Now, Tracy teaches classes and hosts workshops and gatherings in the hayloft while Mark continues to design and manufacture parts here at the farm. The herd continues to grow. We've added a small flock of chickens and are thinking about raising a few pigs again this year. Life at the Lazy I Ranch keeps moving forward and keeps getting better.   


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