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Crossroads Performance and the manufacturing entity Crossroads Custom Machine, Inc. was established in 1993.  Crossroads is recognized for its innovative style, vast knowledge, and stellar customer service.  Its products are specifically designed from a manufacturing point of view as opposed to being worked backwards from a design concept.  This provides a significant advantage in the manufacturing process.  Crossroads is unique in the aspect that all products are designed, developed, manufactured, assembled, packaged, and distributed under one roof.   This is an almost unheard of in this day and age.  Tremendous attention to detail has been introduced into each product including ease of installation, ergonomics, fit, and finish.  Supported by the manufacturing entity Crossroads Custom Machine, Inc., it has maintained a quality reputation at the highest level, including machining complete billet cylinder heads as well as complete throttle body fuel injection systems. 


Crossroads Performance has carved out its own piece of motorcycle history. The resume of Crossroads is unquestionably a distinguished one.  Crossroads designed, manufactured, and packaged the original Pro-Series accessories line for factory Buell.  It has designed and/or manufactured an extensive list of products for the very pillars of the motorcycle industry inlcuding Kuryakyn, Drag Specialties, Klockwerks, and even Harley Davidson themselves.  Crossroads has built some of the most recognized custom motorcycles ever crafted.   With multiple magazine features, a room full of trophies, some Discovery Channel film footage, and Nicholas Cage  jumping over helicopters with a Crossroads equipped Buell - all of the markers of the motorcycle industry bucket list have been checked…..and the best is yet to come.       


The Crossroads reputation extends deeply into the performance side of the motorcycle industry.  By building and racing quarter mile drag bikes and land speed record holding motorcycles, and by being involved with of the Kuryakyn/Full Blast Engineering nitro-methane burning land speed record attempt, Crossroads has made its presence known.  Supplying parts and building some of the fastest and best handling street racing Harleys ever built is what we do best.  

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