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Bleeding Hearts: When a Picture Needs to Say 1,000 Words

Sometimes there are no words to express how you're feeling, or you have the words but it's not the right time to say them. Yesterday, there was an unexpected death in Mark's family. His niece Kalia, just at the end of her Senior year of high school, had passed away that morning. We can not image what her parents are going through, or her brother. Our minds were spinning. This doesn't make sense...How can it be... She was so young...What do we do...Why????

I needed the spinning to stop so I went outside. I walked around for a little while, watching the new calves romp in the pasture, trying to find some comfort in that. They ran off into the woods to find their mothers, completely oblivious to anything but playing, drinking milk, and where is Mama. I went to one of my gardens to pull weeds because it needed to be done, and because I needed to DO SOMETHING. As I pulled stray grasses from the base of the Bleeding Hearts I noticed that they were finally blooming - just in time to express the feelings we were unable to process ourselves at that moment.

Hold your kids tight and treasure every second you have with them. Hold a space in your heart for Mark's family because their hearts are bleeding right now.

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